Paros Bay Location

Strategic location on Parasporos Beach, near Parikia Town

Paros Bay hotel is located in a very quiet area, with direct access to the gorgeous sandy beach of Parasporos, at only 2,5 Km from Parikia Town the capital of Paros Island and its harbour, whilst just 10 km. away from the picturesque town of Naoussa. Paros Bay hotel is the ideal spot to be used as a base for discovering Paros Island, as it is supremely situated right on the scenic beach of Parasporos, while standing conveniently between the Island’s Capital "Parikia" and the southern side of Paros Island, where the most popular beaches are located, such as “Pounda”, “Parasporos”, “Aliki” and “Chrissi Akti”(Golden Beach). Just a 5minute drive away from Parikia Town, the capital of Paros, Paros Bay Hotel in Paros is the perfect place for combining the daily swimming at the beach, with shopping, dining and nightlife in the picturesque town of Parikia.

Nearby Pounda & Parasporos Beaches in Paros

Pounda & Parasporos are nearest beaches and they offer a wonderful environment with shiny clean waters and soft golden sand. Pounda Beach is the most well known beach in Paros for its watersport & beach bar-restaurant facilities. Furthermore, Pounda is famous for the endless beach parties, the vibrant music and the cheerful people. On the other hand, Parasporos is more of a scenic beach, smaller and more quiet, ideal for couples and families. Parasporos is a little cove beach, which is a very good advantage during the windy days as it is fully protected from the winds. Parasporos Beach offers warm crystal clear waters and soft golden-brown sand.

Parikia, Paros Island Capital, Greece

Famously known for the marvelous church of "Ekatontapyliani", Parikia is the biggest town of Paros Island in Greece, the main port and the capital as well. Parikia is one of the most typical Cycladic towns, with little whitewashed houses, old churches with blue-colored roofs and narrow cobble-paved paths, consisting the old town, called “Chora”. Furthermore, Parikia has a very vivid day time and night time life, with a lot of shops, restaurants, café-bars and night clubs, mostly located along the sea cost of Parikia and the harbor area as well. Parikia is one of the best attractions to visit in Paros Island, Greece.

Paros Island, Cyclades-Greece

The Greek island of Paros in Cyclades is one of the most popular islands of Greece. Paros is located in the heart of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, next to Naxos Island and nearby Mykonos Island. Paros is one of the most well-known Greek islands because of its exquisite sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters, its scenic little villages with the whitewashed houses around the narrow paved scenic paths, contrasted by the colorful bougainvilleas and the lovely blue-white chapels. The main town of Paros is Parikia, whilst the most cosmopolitan spot of Paros Island is Naoussa Town. Paros Island has numerous beaches of all tastes and needs and important sights as well.

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